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Restaurant Revitalization Fund – Who has Priority & Risks You Might Face

Last Saturday, April 17th, the applications and details for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund were finally made public. In this video, we go over who will be given priority for this process and what risks you could possibly face. The SBA is continuously revising this process so we anticipate that it will be complicated but Ace Plus Tax Resolution is here to help! If you would like the application professionally prepared, please contact us.

April 13 IRS Confirmed – $3600 Child Tax Credit to Roll Out from July on a Monthly Basis

This new child tax credit is now $3,000 per child between the ages of 6 and 17. For children under the age of six, the new tax credit is $3,600. It is important to note that this new tax credit for 2021 is fully refundable. This credit is also special because it can be paid to you in advance. This means you can get 50% of the credit from July through December.They fully expect to launch in July, with payments going out on a monthly basis.

$1200 California Golden State Stimulus Check – Disbursing Started & When You’ll Receive It

California Franchise Tax Board will disperse California Golden State Stimulus Payments and Grants to qualified individuals! In this video, we cover eligibility, payment amount, when you’ll receive this payment, and actions you need to take to receive this payment.

$1400 3rd Stimulus Check to be sent to Non-Filers starting This Weekend

The IRS announced that they anticipate payments will begin to be issued to Non-Filers–Social Security, Supplemental Security Income, and Railroad Retirement Board beneficiaries who did not file a 2019 or 2020 tax return or did not use the Non-Filers tool. In this video, Regina from Ace Plus Tax Resolution explains why you may need to file a tax return to receive the stimulus benefits.

What You Need to Know About The New Restaurant Revitalization Grant and Tax Relief Strategies

Many businesses have been greatly impacted by the ongoing Covid -19 pandemic, including restaurants. In this video, Lana from Ace Plus Tax Resolution gives a helpful overview of the newly passed Restaurant Revitalization Grant and restaurant tax relief strategies.

Non-Filer Solutions the IRS Doesn’t Want You to Know

Many individuals in the United States do not file taxes and do not know the issues they are going to face. In this video, Lana from Ace Plus Tax Resolution gives insight to some solutions to fix your tax issues that the IRS does not want you to know about and that can help save non-filers thousands! 

Restaurant Revitalization Fund – Portal to Open Very Soon. Application Released!

The draft application for the Restaurant Revitalization Fund application has been released! The application portal is expected to open very soon. We urge all restaurant owners to get ready for the fund application process, as the demand is high so the fund might run out quickly. SBA kept inconsistently revising the rules and applications for EIDL and PPP. We expect a similar thing to happen for this restaurant fund application, so I highly recommend you utilize this line of our services.

Restaurant Revitalization Grant – SBA’s Must-Know Updates!

Note this update – The new proposed end date of the covered period that you can use the fund is March 11, 2023. Our team at Ace Plus Tax resolution can simplify the RRF application process for you, getting your restaurant the funds you need as seamlessly and quickly as possible.

April 5 IRS Update: Recovery Rebate Credit Plus-Up Payment, Non-Filer Stimulus Checks

Was your stimulus a different amount than expected? Then you may be eligible for an additional supplemental payment from the IRS! Also, the IRS could the RRC amount based on 2020 tax return. IRS has also confirmed that it started sending payments to Social Security and other federal beneficiaries who didn’t file a 2020 or 2019 tax return. Most of these recipients should get their payments electronically by April 7.

What to Do If You Owe the IRS and Can’t Pay Back Now?

Do you owe taxes to the IRS and can’t pay by the due date? The IRS wants you to pay on time and imposes significant penalties on you if you don’t and can take aggressive collection acts against you. Whatever tax issues you’ve experienced, you can count on Ace Plus Tax Resolution can help you with all of your tax issues.

How to Strategize and Maximize the $1400 Stimulus Check

The new stimulus checks are being sent out. However, not everyone will qualify for the full amount. The 3rd stimulus check amount is larger than either of the rebate amounts that were introduced in 2020 AND has less limitations. In this video, Regina from Ace Plus Tax Resolution breaks down the stimulus check benefit and reveals strategizing and maximization secrets

$1400 New Stimulus Check IRS Started Sending Out

The IRS announced the third round of stimulus checks to be sent out. In this video, Regina from Ace Plus Tax Resolution dives into the 1.9 million dollar stimulus package which included the 1,400 stimulus check, 300 weekly unemployment benefit until September 6th, and the child tax credit increase.