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What are Tax Resolution Services?

Tax resolution services help people with tax problems get relief. There are resolution services for every type of tax problem including back taxes, audits, multi-year unfiled returns, criminal tax issues, and more. Unfortunately, however, not all tax resolution services are equal.

To get quality tax relief in Los Angeles, you should look for a local tax relief attorney who has experience with your concern. In addition, we are licensed to represent taxpayers in all 50 states and have served clients all over the country. Ready to get help now? Then, contact us at Ace Plus Tax Resolution today or keep reading to learn more about our services.

How Ace Plus Tax Resolution Helps With Tax Problems

Our CEO and founder, James Cha brings 35 years of tax debt resolution experience to the table. He is committed to helping people who are facing stress with IRS or state tax issues, and his specialty is bringing joy to his clients and negotiating the lowest settlement possible. In addition to being a CPA, James Cha is also a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist.

Ace Plus can help you deal with making payment arrangements on back taxes, applying for tax settlements, and unfiled multi-year returns. We also offer audit representation, and we can help if you’re facing an IRS collection action such as a lien, levy, or wage garnishment. Considering bankruptcy? Then, let us help you analyze which of your tax debts are dischargeable.

If the IRS, the California Department of Tax and Fee Administration (CDTFA), or any other state agency is sending you notices, assessing penalties, or threatening you with collection actions, we can help. We’ll answer your questions, listen to your concerns, and help you develop the best, custom strategy for your situation.

Who Needs Tax Resolution Services?

Any individual or business with a tax problem can benefit from tax resolution services. If you’re dealing with a complicated situation, you should reach out to a tax professional for help. They can explain your options and negotiate with the IRS or state agency on your behalf. Tax relief professionals in Los Angeles leverage their experience and knowledge to help you come up with solutions that you may not have discovered or been able to navigate on your own.

Tax Relief Vs. Tax Resolution Services

Tax resolution services refer to all services that help you deal with tax problems. Tax relief is a type of resolution service where you get relief on your tax bill. That may include penalty abatement or reducing your tax bill through a settlement.

You’ll often hear the phrases tax relief and tax resolution used interchangeably. Their meanings overlap, but there are some nuanced differences.

Types of Tax Problems That Need Resolution Services

The tax code is extremely complicated, and by extension, it can lead to all sorts of tax problems. There is a resolution service for any problem you may encounter. Take a look at some of the most common problems people have when they seek tax resolution services:

  • IRS and state tax audits on individual and/or business returns.
  • Unfiled multi-year returns, including individual and corporate income tax, CA franchise tax returns, state sales tax returns, employer’s tax returns, state withholding returns, etc.
  • Back taxes owed by individuals and businesses.
  • Collection notices from the IRS.
  • IRS and state revenue collection actions such as tax liens, levies, and garnishments.
  • Spousal tax problems, such as when a spouse hides income or falsifies your tax return without your knowledge.

If you’re facing a tax problem, look for a relief company that has experience with that problem. For example, if a company focuses on tax prep but doesn’t deal with a lot of audits or collection problems, they aren’t the right choice if you’re facing an audit or a collection problem. Similarly, if you’re dealing with a state tax issue, you should hire a CPA or tax resolution specialist who has experience in your state.

Common Solutions Offered by Tax Resolution Companies

The right solution depends on your unique situation. Quality tax professionals don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they customize solutions based on your goals, budget, and the options available to you. Take a look at some of the most common solutions:

  • Payment plans — The IRS and most states including California offer monthly payment plans for qualifying taxpayers. The terms and conditions vary.
  • Partial payment installment agreement — If you qualify for this plan, you can continue to pay reduced monthly payments. Then, if you are unable to pay off the entire balance within the allowed period, any balance left at the end of the term is forgiven and written off.
  • Offer in compromise — With this settlement offer, you make a lump sum payment or up to 24 monthly payments. Then, the IRS waives the rest of the balance. You must prove that you’re paying the most you can afford (based on the IRS’s standards) or that there is a doubt that you owe the liability.
  • Penalty abatement — You ask the IRS to remove penalties due to first-time offenses or because you had reasonable cause (death, fire, natural disaster, etc) to pay or file late.
  • Hardship status — If you prove to the IRS that you cannot pay anything, the agency will mark your account as currently not collectible (CNC). Collection actions stop when you have CNC status on your account.
  • Payroll tax services — These services help employers who are dealing with unfiled employer returns, ERC audits, Trust Fund Recovery Penalties, and other payroll tax problems.
  • Appeals — You have the right to appeal many different actions, in response to audit results, collection actions, payment plan refusals, and more.
  • Lien relief — If the IRS or the state files a tax lien against you, there are steps you can take to remove the lien, discharge it from certain property, or subordinate it.
  • Levy release — You may be able to get levies against your bank account, wages, or property released if you make arrangements to pay or settle your tax debt.
  • Audit representation — If you’re selected for an audit, representation can help you deal with the auditors and defend the positions you took on your tax returns.
  • Help with CA and other state tax problems — The multi-layered tax system can be very complicated, especially for business owners. Tax relief specialists can help you deal with state tax problems as well.

Often, tax problems require multiple solutions. For example, if you have unfiled multi-year returns, you may need to file the returns, apply for penalty abatement, and then set up a payment plan or request a settlement.

Are Tax Relief Services Legitimate?

Yes, tax relief services are legitimate. However, not all tax relief companies are legitimate. Unfortunately, this industry has many companies that are known for providing poor-quality services without a due diligence process. In worst-case scenarios, these companies take clients’ money and don’t provide any services.

How do you find quality tax relief? First, focus on local firms. Local CPAs and tax attorneys who focus on tax resolution can help you customize solutions based on your needs. When choosing a company, look at their reviews, and try to focus on reviews on sites that cannot be easily manipulated such as Google or Yelp. Be wary of reviews on the company’s website as these can be curated to show the best ones.

Also, make sure you know who’s working on your case. When you work with a local firm, you get hands-on assistance from a highly trained professional. With the national firms, your point of contact is often a salesperson and you have no idea which type of tax pro is actually handling your case.

Do You Need an Attorney for Tax Relief?

If you’re dealing with criminal tax charges or going in front of the Tax Court, you may need a tax resolution attorney. However, in most cases, you can get tax relief services from an attorney, a CPA, or an enrolled agent. CPAs complete extensive education as well as continuing education about taxes and accounting. They also pass a three-part CPA test on tax laws and accounting principles.

When you decide to hire any of these three professionals, you need to make sure that they focus on tax resolution. Many licensed tax professionals don’t have this type of experience. For example, attorneys focus on a wide breadth of legal issues, and when you have tax problems, you need a tax attorney in particular not any other type of attorney.

Similarly, some CPAs focus on tax prep and planning, but they don’t have much experience with tax problems.

What to Avoid When Choosing a Tax Resolution Company

While you’re looking for a tax resolution company in Los Angeles, you should avoid companies that have the following red flags:

  • Nationwide companies that lack state-specific experience.
  • Companies that appear to have massive marketing budgets at the expense of clients.
  • Companies that will only connect you with a sales rep, not a tax pro.
  • Sales reps who make big promises before learning about your situation.
  • Companies that have a lot of negative reviews online.
  • Companies with unclear pricing structures.
  • Sales reps who demand big payments upfront but you don’t understand the services.

Whenever possible, take advantage of companies’ free consultations. During the initial consultation with a tax attorney or CPA, you can ask questions and get a feel of whether or not they are the right pro for you.

Questions to Ask When Talking to a Tax Resolution Specialist

To set up a good working relationship with prospective tax pros, consider asking the following questions:

  • Do you have experience with my tax problem?
  • How do your services work?
  • Which tax pro is handling my case? Who will be my point of contact?
  • How much does this cost? Please be aware that, without going through an investigation of your IRS account and financial situation, it would be premature to ask for the whole fee to resolve with the best option for your case.
  • Which IRS programs do you recommend?
  • What should I expect while we resolve my tax problems? What type of involvement do you need from me? What timeline do you expect?

Pay attention to how the tax relief specialist makes you feel. Do they answer your concerns and make you feel heard? Do you feel confident about their ability to solve your tax problems? Are their practices and prices transparent? If so, they are probably the right professional for you.

Contact Us at Ace Plus Resolution

Do you need help with an IRS tax problem? There are many situations where people need guidance dealing with the IRS. It may be time to get the help of a pro if:

  • You’re late filing returns for multiple years
  • You’ve gotten an audit or collection letter from the IRS or another tax agency
  • You have payroll or sales tax problems
  • You can’t refinance or sell your property because of tax liens
  • The IRS has frozen your bank account or levied wages or other income sources
  • You have an issue as an innocent spouse, etc.

We represent clients with IRS penalties, interest, and taxes due every day, and we can help you too. Those penalties won’t stop on their own. We can help you relieve that huge psychological burden so you feel lighter and free from all that stress. Contact us at Ace Plus Tax Resolution to find out more today.


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