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Our team can help! Owing $50,000 - $99,999 to the IRS is overwhelming.

We have expertise in tax debt relief options to reduce your burden and negotiate with the IRS/state on your behalf. Don't face the IRS alone. Let us use our experience to find affordable solutions.

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ACE Plus Tax Resolution strives to go above and beyond to ensure our clients are getting the best tax consultation care. We hold the following tax resolution certifications and memberships.

Certified Tax Resolution Specialist®

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American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Taxbuzz Top 100 Professional 2020

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Our 4-Step Tax Relief System: How It Works

At Ace Plus Tax Resolution, we take each client through these 4 simple steps that lead to guaranteed success when it comes to affairs related to tax and tax relief programs.


Free & Confidential. Review recent notices and your situation, Discuss available options for resolving your tax matter.Our team of experts and tax negotiators will help facilitate all future interactions and will always work on your best behalf.


Contact the IRS/State to Stop Collection Actions, In-Depth Evaluation of Settlement Strategies. We promise astute and fast fact-finding. We assure diligence that leaves no stone unturned. We guarantee to unearth the whole story and seek the best IRS tax relief program that fits your case.


Prepare & Submit resolution plans with paperwork, Negotiate for a final resolution. Don’t let the ball drop after opting for your preferred tax relief services. Let us do the heavy lifting. We will take your options and convert them into successful strategies.


Obtain the best settlement possible under the law. Guaranteed success in getting rid of your tax woes. Benefit from the best IRS tax relief programs and bid adieu to your burdens. Your tax problem is successfully resolved!

Solutions to Your IRS Tax Problems

Do you have IRS or state tax problems? Ace Plus Tax Resolution can help. We specialize in resolving IRS tax problems, for simple to complex matters. Is it a levy, lien, or garnishment that you are facing? We have what you want. Our expertise has helped us disrupt this system and help millions of Americans every year.

James M. Cha, CPA, Certified Tax Resolution Specialist® has over 30 years of experience dealing with the IRS and will achieve the ideal outcome for your IRS tax problem issues and needs. He resolved millions of dollars of back taxes for our clients. You’re going to be working with him and our Partners Team of former IRS agents and tax attorneys with over 200 years of IRS experience.

We know exactly how to respond to your concerns and deal with the IRS with custom-fit solutions. Our proprietary 4-step Tax Relief System is time-tested and employs effective ways to perform our due diligence procedures, then negotiate clients' cases for the best results. We provide the best personnel and are currently serving clients “All Over The Country!”. For questions regarding your IRS tax problems, visit us at or call us at 213-600-7388.

Why You Need Tax Relief Services

Ace Plus Tax Resolution: A Trusted Los Angeles Tax Relief Firm – Licensed to Represent Taxpayers in All 50 States

Would you go to court without legal representation? At our firm, we provide tax relief services like a tax attorney would. Ace Plus Tax Resolution is a dedicated team of tax relief experts. We provide comprehensive and individualized services that have the power to transform our clients’ lives. Let us remove your stress and give you a fresh start!

For some eye-opening information regarding the IRS, download our FREE report, 7 Secret Solutions to Your IRS Problems!

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$70,000 IRS Tax Debt Settled for $180? Discover the Power of Offer in Compromise Negotiation!

Amazing Experience. Great Deal on $300K Back Tax, Levy Protection + Refunds = True Tax Relief Expert

IRS Levy Released, Crushing Burden Relieved! 10-Year Client

Don’t Call the IRS Without Talking to the Pros First!

Our mission is to provide custom-fit solutions to people who feel hopeless against the IRS and the state. We specialize in negotiating the lowest possible IRS payment amount allowed by law, and he has a reputation for delivering exceptional results to his clients.

Whether you owe back taxes to the IRS or State over $10,000, are involved with liens or levies, or have any income or payroll tax problems, we will protect you, represent you, and negotiate for you before the IRS or State.

Contact us today, and we’ll schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to walk through your resolution options and to permanently resolve your tax problem.

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Tax Problem Relief CPA Los Angeles CA, tax resolution company, tax relief experts, best irs tax negotiators, certified tax resolution specialist near me, tax resolution specialist near me, tax help los Angeles, tax resolution los angeles
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Ace Plus Tax Resolution is a leading tax resolution company with a team of tax relief experts and the best IRS tax negotiators. We specialize in resolving complex tax issues and providing comprehensive solutions to our clients. Trust us to help you achieve the tax relief you need.